Björk Releases Surreal Video For New Track ‘Ancestress’ Ahead Of Album Drop
As only Björk knows how.
September 23, 2022

Words by Claudia Schmidt // Images via Viðar Logi

Her fifth album Fossora is due out next week. 

Next week, Björk will be releasing her first album in five years. Speaking about the record, the iconic singer has revealed how “each album always starts with a feeling” and that Fossora “will be on the earth and digging my feet into the ground.”

Having already dropped two singles from the album, Fossora promises to be a sprawling, unflinching record (of course, we’d expect nothing less from the Icelandic singer). Now, Björk has just released a third track, ‘Ancestress’, which will likely be the last before the LP arrives. 


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Taking to Instagram, Björk said that the song was a tribute to her late mother, written after her “worldly” funeral, describing the song as “the impulse of making your version of the story, later”: 

“For 20 years I have not been able to attend funerals as something in them rubbed me the wrong way. Possibly a big part of it is after having lived a life of thousand concerts, I probably have too strong ideas on how a ritual should be, what kinda sound, musical structure, words and it took me all this time to discover that for me all funerals should be outside.”


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The track is accompanied by a captivating video which depicts a surreal, ritual funeral, directed by Andrew Thomas Huang and co-creative directed by Björk and James Merry. 

Fossora is due out on September 30, check out the video for ‘Ancestress’ below:

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