The Chats Share An All-Aussie Playlist To Accompany That First Friday Arvo Bev
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The Sunny Coast trio have just been named as Feedback Festival headliners.

As we look forward to a COVID-free future (fingers crossed), organisers of the Gold Coast’s Feedback Festival have given us another thing to smile about, having today gifted us their second lineup announcement. The Chats, Lastlings, Bugs and more will be an already huge roster for the event which will take place over various Goldy pubs and clubs on the 3rd-13th of December.

With a slew of Gold Coast venues preparing for Feedback, which will essentially turn the coastal town into one huge festival ground, we thought we’d catch up with headliners The Chats and find out what Aussie acts the pub-rockers have been enjoying lately. Check it out below along with their latest single ‘AC/DC CD’, and head here for tickets to Feedback Festival:

Pist Idiots – ‘Motor Running’

This song, along with every other by Pist idiots will always be good for summer.

Mini Skirt – ‘Animals’

Perfect song for cooking up some prawns on the bbq.

GEE TEE – ‘Commando’

Very melodic/smooth. Perfect for summer.

The Unknowns – ‘Waste My Time’

Don’t forget to slip slop slap with The Unknowns fine new tune. It will save you someday.

DickLord – ‘Moll On The Dole’

AC/DC – Rocker

Rockin song, great song to go down to the beach and get burnt too.

Civic – Street Machine Dream
Lots of power.

Midnight Oil – ‘Power And The Passion’

Love Midnight Oil, introduced to them by my parents and loved them ever since. Reminds me of summer.

Sheer Mag – ‘What You Want’

Sick band, good with booze.

Crocodylus- ‘Social Climber’

Very feel good, extra booze for this one.

November 13, 2020
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