Double Talk Share Bubblegum Psych Delight ‘Pictures’
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June 26, 2024

Fresh from a Euro tour, Double Talk share a juicy new earworm.

Still scratching our heads as to why Double Talk aren’t one of the biggest bands in the country right now; the trio has everything you want from a band in spades. Their music is deliciously groovy, their melodies are catchy, and you can really feel their enthusiasm bleeding through the speakers – what more do you want?

Today, having just wrapped a bunch of EU/UK shows they return with a new tune from their forthcoming debut album Lips and Bloops (available Wednesday 18th September) in the form of ‘Pictures’. It’s reminiscent of the guitar-led indie-pop that was getting round in the early 2000s, with vocals tracing guitar hooks as percussion and a saucey beat cook underneath.

Lyrically, the track’s a bit more introspective than previous releases. “It’s a song about processing our internal dialog about the future, and being stuck in a sort of mental limbo,” the band said on an Instagram post.

Give it a rinse above and stay tuned for more from Double Talk ahead of their album release…

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