Drake Debuts New Justin Bieber Haircut & Twitter Is Roasting The F*ck Out Of Him
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What did you think was gonna happen Drizzy…

Drake’s upcoming album Certified Lover Boy is officially set to arrive sometime this month, thus he’s jumping on the promo train to drum up buzz like only he can. However, even a social media genius like Drake can have missteps online, and his latest haircut post is definitely a huge L he probably didn’t see coming.

In a now-deleted Instagram story, Drake debuted a new haircut with the caption “Big Mood.” The haircut looks eerily like Justin Bieber’s iconic do way back in 2010, with that classic swoop and teen heartthrob fringe that almost every 14-year-old had at one point or another.

Although the post is now gone off his socials, that didn’t stop fans from grabbing screenshots, and of course now it’s open season on the ‘Emotionless’ rapper (we’re betting he’s feeling a lot of emotions right now).

One Twitter user hilariously wrote that Drizzy’s new look “already ruined 2021” while another said that “Drake done put a curse on 2021 with this haircut.” They also made some hilarious comparisons to the Biebs, Dave Chapelle, Nia Wrong and plenty more.

Start your Monday with some hilarious roasting below.

January 4, 2021
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