Drunk Mums Return With Homage To Hopelessness & Day Drinking With ‘Livin’ At Night’
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Words by Harry Webber January 24, 2024

Image by Robert “Squid” Collins //

Four years later…

Last time Melbourne punks Drunk Mums released new music back in 2019, you were younger, wiser, and statistically far less likely to be on TikTok. The quartet who have garnered international acclaim, established themselves as a kind of “band’s band”, and amassed a truckload of streams, have today reminded us what we have been missing out on with their gritty and at times forlorn new tune ‘Livin’ At Night’.

The recording of the tune embodies the raucous energy of the band while still offering plenty of anthemic moments tailored for those beers-raised sing-alongs. The middle breakdown feels like you accidentally skipped a track and The Ramones started playing for a few bars – it’s bloody epic.

Lyrically the tune sums up the mental state of many post-pandemic young people. There’s an air of hopelessness mixed with a burning desire to enjoy that short term fun, perhaps because that’s all we got, ya know? “[The song’s] about living to get blotto on the weekends and not caring about your savings because you’ll never afford a house anyway,” songwriter Jake Doyle says. “It’s a fun song to let loose to and play live. Five outta Five vodka sunrises.”

We gotta say that sounds about right. And the tune comes with news that Drunk Mums’ fourth LP Beer Baby is coming out Thursday, 7 March, via LEGLESS, Gaga Music and Bachelor Records (UK). So there’s another tasty tidbit to shove in your pipe. Check out the tracklist below:

1. New Australia
2. Slippin’ Up
3. Mutant
4. Bet On Black
5. Apocalypse
6. Livin’ At Night
7. Magazines
8. Saturday
9. Not My Dad
10. From The Hip

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