Dust Off Your Fairy Wings For Blusher’s New Club Heater, ‘Rave Angel’
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Words by Amar Gera January 19, 2024

Every group of friends needs a rave angel…

With the nation being deep into festival season and everyone getting a healthy dose of gigging, raving and festival-going, it can be tough to put our party antics into words. Thankfully, Melbourne pop trio, Blusher, have done the hard work for us, kicking off 2024 with their explosive new single, ‘Rave Angel’.

Inspired by a chaotic night out in the City of Angels, the bop beings with cascading electro synths and powerful vocals courtesy of singer Miranda Ward. Singing about wanting the aux cord due to the underwhelming DJ talent on display (a thought we’ve all had at one point or another), the song follows the band’s attempt to save their night from ruin.

The repetition of the line “Can I redeem the night?” and the airy “Spinning around until the morning comes” adds this layer of youthful innocence that’s inherent to clubbing in your early twenties. And with the added harmonies and synths pulsing in the background, the track has all the elements of an electro club banger.

Speaking on the escapade that inspired ‘Rave Angel’, Blusher explain, “While we were on a writing trip in LA, there was a night we went out so determined to have a big dance, but everywhere we went the DJs were terrible. Miranda’s hype-up playlist in the Uber outmatched them all. A few clubs and an In-N-Out pitstop later, we managed to sneak into a secret Charli XCX and AG Cook DJ set and the night completely turned around.”

It’s the perfect way for the Melbourne trio to start the new year. Blusher’s new single ‘Rave Angel’ is out now. You can buy/stream it here.

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