Exclusive Premiere: Ivan Ooze Connects With Ghostface Killah On Thumping Single ‘Bills’
The Aussie emcee and the NYC OG.
September 21, 2016

When Ivan Ooze stepped onstage as a support act for the Wu-Tang Clan on their last Australian tour, it’s hard to believe that anybody could have predicted this outcome.

But the stars have aligned, and on this glorious Wednesday morning we’re very proud to present ‘Bills’ from Ivan Ooze with the very, very notable addition of Ghostface Killah. It all began with Wu’s arena tour across Australia earlier this year, where the crew praised Ooze’s onstage efforts and gave him some sage advice for his blossoming rap career. Ghostface in particular was fond of the Melbourne emcee, and their friendship evolved into studio chemistry – and thus, ‘Bills’ was born.

‘Bills’ is infectiously OTT – it features a high-pitched, squealing lead that’s anchored by booming bass, with Ooze’s erratic delivery turning the track into an animated affair. The hook is bound to get stuck in your head after a single listen, before Ghostface steps in with a master’s precision for the closing verse. Any way you look at it, it’s pretty damn awesome that a young gun from Australia was able to spit on a track with a NYC OG like Ghostface, who’s been one of Wu Tang’s more consistent members in recent years. And just to top it all off, it just so happens that our good pal (and regular LWA contributor) Chris Yee was asked to craft another comic masterpiece for the ‘Bills’ single artwork.

Listen to the online premiere of ‘Bills’ below, which is the lead single from Ooze’s upcoming EP. Play it loud:

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