Familiar Territory, Episode 2: Fortay Shows Us The Spots That Inspired His Songs
The Blacktown rapper takes us through the 'Progress & Struggle.'
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Words by Christopher Kevin Au // Images by Christopher Loutfy // Video by Jordan Coles & The Yee Boys


Fierce, restless and relentless: West Sydney rap is a beast that plays by its own rules.

Since the early 2000s, Fortay At Large has been one of the region’s most prominent rappers and gatekeepers. He holds a heavy arsenal of mixtapes and albums under his belt, with projects like Hustler’s Prayer and Fuck Every Cunt making his approach and attitude very clear. With the release of his latest full-length Progress & Struggle, we visited Fortay on his home turf in the city of Blacktown.

In the second and final part of Familiar Territory, Fortay shows us the spots in West Sydney that inspired his songs. For this episode of Familiar Territory, Fortay recounts a troublesome night from his 20s, while also taking us to one of his early studios to talk about the concept behind Progress & Struggle and what makes an entertaining live show.

Watch Episode 2 above, and listen to Progress & Struggle right here.

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June 20, 2017
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