Five Tasty Albums To Dig Into This Weekend
Presented by Jim Beam.
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Here are some new vibes perfect for that weekend gathering.

Friday is finally here! And if you’re anything like us you’ll be calling up the crew and getting ready to cut loose, whether it’s a house party, pub or gig (albeit a sit-down show). Either way, we can nearly guarantee that you or one of your mates will be checking Spotify for some new tunes to soundtrack the evening.

Here are some albums that we’ve been spinning a bunch over the past couple of weeks, check them out below, presented by Jim Beam:

Mordechai – Khruangbin

The perfect mix of chilled vibes and funky tunes as your evening’s getting started and work is slowly becoming a distant memory…

Diamonds & Liquid Gold – Jaguar Jonze

One of Brisbane’s most exciting prospects, indie-rocker Jaguar Jonze has dropped a debut EP that mixes Tarantino-esque guitars, thumping beats and sultry vocals perfectly:

Live At The Corner Hotel – Cub Sport

Missing that big venue live music hit? This Cubbies live recording from 2018 will satisfy that craving for sure:

Drive – Official Soundtrack

We’d forgotten how much of a moody party album this one is – perfect for getting the vibe right before you hit the town.


The new DMA’S album is finally here. After postponing the record since April we can finally bask in the Britpop joy that is new music from the Sydney trio.

July 10, 2020
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