Get Your Socially-Distanced Boogie On With The Growlers’ Iso Playlist
Get down.
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Here’s what The Growlers have been digging recently.

With their latest video for ‘Dream World’ providing us with a tonne of lols as singer Brooks Nielsen takes his mannequin girlfriend on a date in California, The Growlers have definitely been keeping busy during. Shooting on the empty streets of Hollywood and deserted beaches of Malibu, the clip is one of the more creative videos that have popped up during the isolation period, and it’s safe to say that it’s made Heather the doll quite the icon.

Outside of making music videos, The Growlers have spent a lot of time inside thanks to iso like the rest of us and naturally they’ve been listening to plenty of music too. Here are some of those tracks as playlisted by the band’s guitarist Matt Taylor. Chuck it on and make sure you’re wearing your dancing shoes:

July 8, 2020
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