Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
So much heat.
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We’re truly blessed with our local artists…

Happy Monday party people! How were your weekends? Did you hit up a gig, paint the town red or even have a quiet one in? All of the above are perfectly respectable options, provided you had fun and looked after yourself in the best possible way. We did a bit of all of the above, but it’s safe to say the main part of our weekend consisted of binging some killer tracks by local artists. Hip hop, R&B, EDM, pop, it doesn’t matter to which corner of the Aussie music scene you venture to, we’re bubbling with pristine releases, and it’s a true joy in every sense of the word.

Anyway, I’m gonna quit my gushing and get down to business. Five fire tracks by badass local artists? Ring any bells? We’re betting it rings many. So pucker up beauties, as this week is one of our best yet.

Check it below.

Liyah Knight & Nerve – ‘Cheers’

Rising stars Liyah Knight and Nerve spread endless flames on ‘Cheers,’ crafting a multi-genre gem that fuses the soothing elixir of R&B with the punk-rock seasoning of hip hop. Beginning with a looped vocal from Liyah that sublimely cuts through all barriers and fears you may be carrying, you’re immediately sucked into her orbit, with lyrics like ‘all you do is break my trust, then expect to take my love’ letting you know you’re in for a completely authentic portrayal of love and loss. And cap, but Nerve absolutely snaps on the tune, soaring and diving with wicked precision as he revels in boundless rhythmic and lyrical freedom (that onslaught at 21 seconds is bloody ridiculous).

From that killer Korky-Buchek curated beat to Liyah’s vocal displays (she somehow manages to craft the most serenely-badass hooks) and Nerve’s lyrical bombs, the tune just continues to prove that Australia’s R&B and hip hop scenes are burning with hunger; exploding with a fire that no detractor, obstacle or even global pandemic will be able to extinguish. Definitely check it out.

F-POS – ‘Classic’ ft. Goldfang ft. Moody Beach

A project several lifetimes in the making, F-POS (made up of Paddy Cornwall and Taras ​Hrubyj-Piper) take all their existential wonder & love of life and channel it into fire-bred stardust with their debut single ‘Classic’. Featuring Trinidadian-born rapper Goldfang and Sydney lyrical wonder Moody Beach, the tune drenches itself in beautiful surrealist seasoning to emerge with a dynamic, impossible to nail down sound that’s totally unique and unheard. But it’s still comforting and oddly familiar, almost as if it’s a tune buried deep within your past, only now rising to the surface by some act of divine intervention.

Featuring Goldfang’s fierce vocals bolstered by that groovy baseline and steady beat, he perfectly sets the stage for Paddy’s verse, who displays a unique AF tone that just bubbles with heart and honesty. Moody Beach on the pre-chorus is absolutely divine as well, embodying a dream from a time gone by as she gently takes your hand into the ‘golden hour of ecstasy’ (AKA that addictive hook), which goes into double time with fast drums and golden guitars as she serenades us with endless steeze.

A debut that’s every bit as entrancing as we expected, the future for F-POS is looking bright to say the least. Check it below.

Lex Deluxe – ‘Purple Speckled Gecko’

Sydney sensation Lex Deluxe is pulling no punches on ‘Purple Speckled Gecko,’ crafting a glitchy expanse that lives up to all beautiful memories she’s soundtracked for years on end. Standing at a solid six minutes, the tune starts with some killer drums that shuffle and expand as she introduces various synths and melodic ornamentation; all of which totally engulf you. That’s all before the meditative drop of course, which listens like she’s capturing an auditory representation of the birth of the cosmos. The track is easily the perfect banger to hear in a Marrickville alleyway, revving the crowd up just enough for them to be blasted off into space by her supreme skills of mixing and selection.

A tune that constantly evolves and grows like a flower toward the sun, we can’t recommend it enough. And if you’re in love as much as we are, be sure to purchase it on Bandcamp, as 100% of the proceeds will be going to Aboriginal Legal Service in Redfern. So what are you waiting for? Cop it now.

Human Movement – ‘Reframed’

Inner West treasure Human Movement immerses the two step genre in glorious darkness in ‘Reframed,’ curating a lush sonic experience that draws from the fifth, sixth and 800th of dimensions. Glittering with chant-like vocal chops, orchestral synths and laser-like keys, the tune captures this ethereal vibe that feels like a primal celebration of life and death, finding beauty in the light and the wonderful unknown.

That build up around 5 minutes is totally soul shaking as well, levitating with cylindrical-like chords that are almost anxiety-inducing in how hypnotic they are. But when that drop hits, all thoughts, feelings and emotions are replaced with boundless euphoria, transporting you into an underground bunker as you wait out the insanity of the world outside; dancing the night away without a care in the world about whether it’s your last. A track that feels like the ultimate and final journey, we can’t recommend it enough. Check it below.

George Alice – ‘Teenager’

South Australian sweetheart Geoge Alice gives a killer call to arms with her fierce bop ‘Teenager,’ putting into words the collective frustration of today’s youth at the state of the natural world. Stripping it back to her bread and butter with a bouncy guitar and tender lyrics (with the most fantasy-like of vocals), she immediately highlights the unfair double standards between adults and teens. She then hits you square in the gut, uttering heartbreaking lyrics on the hook in ‘Put my best behaviour on like a costume that you love/ You tell me who to be, but I’ll never learn a thing’ over melancholic guitars and pianos that are catchy AF, but tear you apart and totally overwhelm you with her message.

The track listens like a wave of beautiful reflection, acknowledgement and determination, and by the time she sings the ‘I’m just a fucking teenager,’ you really get a sense of the wisdom she has; not wisdom behind or beyond her years, but a simple knowing that comes from within, regardless of age or experience. Check it below.

Words by Amar Gera March 1, 2021
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