Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
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2021 is off to a flying start…

Happy new year! How are you all going? It’s been a little bit since we’ve had one of these, and Jesus, shits truly hit the fan since. But regardless of all the insanity and ridiculousness that’s defined the last couple weeks (who else is terrified for the plans 2021 has in store?), one thing hasn’t changed, and thats how fucking sick the releases continue to be by our local acts. Reaching deep within, they continue to curate art thats totally unique and uncompromising, transcending the constraints of genre, time and place to deliver some gorgeous moments for the Aussie music scene. We’re well and truly bursting at the seams with quality releases, and we’re so damn keen to be sharing them with you all.

Check it below.

GLO – ‘Transmute’

A release defined by endless grace and clarity, GLO’s ‘Transmute’ is wonderful proof that she’s on a totally honest path to world domination. Starting with a pulsating kick that listens like a cosmic heartbeat, the Sydney songstress/ movement-extraordinaire slides into the bounciest of R&B tunes, blessing us with eloquent vocals and lush harmonies that are instilled with the purest of intent. She also showcases her mad pen game that, honestly, my words can’t begin to justice to. With bars like ‘Out here we’re all tryna get it/ But I’m supposed to fake it till I make it I ain’t with it/ Mind, body, soul in the right place/ Reaching higher levels fuck a rat race’. All I have to say is, if that doesn’t make you feel alive, then are you even living? We also gotta give some shine to that badass video as well, featuring some killer choreography as GLO moves with the immeasurable magic inherent to her artistry, almost as if she’s a vessel of universal truth.

To quote the queen herself, ‘Eternal light is something we all possess’, but for real, GLO’s light is totally unique and her own, and just utterly transcendent. Let her illuminate your Monday below.

Anieszka, Dat Gruvee – ‘Energy’

Let yourself be reminded of the beauty of the soul, the type that caresses with a gentle but daring touch that’s just so gorgeously comforting. Aussie/ Mauritian singer/songwriter Anieszka is a total angel of all of the above, and her Afro-infused soul flicker ‘Energy’ with Dat Gruvee is a mad wishing well of heart and clarity. The tune sees her and the UK producer craft an ethereal, dream-like mood that’s totally entrancing, with mellow synths, drums and ornamentation swirling and merging with her sultry vocals ever so perfectly, energising the listener with a unique stardust that’s equal parts indescribable and inescapable. It’s almost as if the pair managed to catch a real-life, spiritual awakening, and bottle it into two minutes of pure magnetism. It’s a tune that demands a replay, commanding multiple listens to truly understand its intricacy and genius. Reinvigorate yourself below.

Sadboy Season – ‘ALL AGAIN’

Sydney duo Sadboy Season (made up of producer Jordan Coles and vocalist Gabriel Deburgh) take the age-old tale of falling in love in the club and enhance it into melodic richness, utilising wavy synths and vocals that are undeniably tender and sweet. They also employ some immensely satisfying 808s and drum patterns that together curate a multi-dimensional melancholic soundscape that feels dark and unpredictable, but inviting at the same time. Singer Gabriel Deburgh glides so effortlessly atop it all as well, the pair capturing the fleeting love that renders those party settings completely inert to hit you right in the feels, a proper bullseye of the spirit. Picture this: If there was a slow motion scene of a lost soul walking through a party and seeing the love of their life for the first time across the dance floor, ‘ALL AGAIN’ would be the song playing in the background. No ifs, no buts. Check it below.

What So Not – Run The Jewels – ‘JU$T’ ft. Pharrell Williams and Zack de la Rocha (What So Not Remix)

Aussie EDM & Trap treasure What So Not is tearing shit the fuck up with his first release of 2021, his remix of Run The Jewels’ ‘JU$T’ ft. Pharrell and Zack de la Rocha enhancing the badassery of the OG version with that classic What So Not flare. Filled with his signature synths, drums and electronic inflections far beyond us mere mortals, the Sydney-bred producer finds the perfect pocket within the track, complementing and building upon its various moving cogs with sublimed ease. Can we also take a minute to acknowledge the fucking balls it takes to remix Run the Jewels, Pharrell and Zack de la Rocha? But of course, the homegrown producer-superstar makes it look easy as can be, the concoction of hip hop, trap and EDM resulting in a ridiculously hard banger that prompts the most satisfying of stank faces.

It’s really got us imagining a festival crowd vibing their asses off to the tune, moshing and getting straight up silly in the way only a What So Not set allows. You can tell the past year has been good to the Sydney (now WA-based) producer. He sounds focused, determined and most of all, fucking fiending for the chance to help us turn up. Well, what are you waiting for? Witness why he’s one of the nation’s most beloved producers below.

Liyah Knight – ‘Better Unsaid’

R&B starlet Liyah Knight was one of 2020’s best kept secrets, and we’re convinced 2021 is the year the masses come to be fully enchanted by her boundless artistry. ‘Better Unsaid’ sees her display some gorgeous melodic mastery across a bouncy instrumental that unfurls ever so lovingly, ever so tenderly. Singing about growth and her realisation of her self-worth, the tune plays as a living embodiment of cathartic-awakening, but in the most sensual and breezy kind of way.  The message is clear: be real with Liyah, and she’ll hold you down however she can. From intricately-meditative lyricism to soul-piercing vocals that can heal any pain or scars you might be carrying, the tune as a whole is just a perfect summary of why the Aussie R&B scene has fallen for Liyah so hard, and just warning you now, you don’t stand a chance either. Let us introduce you to your new obsession below.

Words by Amar Gera January 11, 2021
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