Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
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Fire in the snow…

Well, if there was ever a week for a fire, it’d undoubtedly be this one. It seems like the cold winds are finally having their moment, and all we can do is fucking brace while they get their shit over with. Lucky for us, we’ve got some fire tracks to tie us over, and we’re bloody snuggling up around their heat.

Check it below.

Tommy Trash and Yolanda Be Cool – ‘Emergency’

Local EDM pioneers Tommy Trash and Yolanda Be Cool (the urge to quote Pulp Fiction remains just as strong) are reminding us of the power of 80s dance in their latest collab ‘Emergency,’ the wizards of the beat combining their unique powers of bump and groove for a fiery heater that, well, burns fucking bright.

The track sees them make use of fast-paced drums stacked beneath hypnotic vocal loops, driving snares and kicks that spray throughout, the two dance-heavyweights putting to work all of the house-charged tricks they’ve developed over the years. The composition of the track as a whole is just bursting at the seams with life and rigour, every layer exploding with enough energy to reverse the flow of time and bring us back to the golden years of dance and soul. It’s almost as if they found a vat of chemical funk and immersed themselves utterly and completely, emerging with a ravenous banger that leaves us with no other choice except to put our body on the dance-floor.

Definitely a heater we’ll be chucking into the next LWA DJ set, we’re properly hooked. Check it below.

Ngaiire – ‘Closer’

Sydney-based shooting star of soul Ngaiire flushes out her upbringing with thrilling clarity in ‘Closer,’ recounting the perceptions of love, sex and dating that shaped her upbringing in post-colonial Papua New Guinea. The track sees her get ethereal in sentiment and mood, ocean blue synths washing across a shoreline of flickering drums as she derives the beauty of the natural world and injects it into the nostalgic ballad. Vocally she’s totally fierce and precise, utilising all parts of her range as she touches upon the various emotions and feelings that come hand in hand with the need to love and be loved.

And we’ve gotta mention that otherworldly music video, crafting a visual representation about the suppression of affection through a lens of movement and vibrant aesthetics. Everything from the choreography to the scenery and even the costume design is just burning with the primal desire to love and feel, and really drives the overall message of the tune home. Check it below.

The Lazy Eyes – ‘Nobody Taught Me’

Cosmic wonderers The Lazy Eyes get nostalgic with their latest single ‘Nobody Taught Me,’ reminiscing on lead singer Harvey’s yearly trips to England in all of their lovely highs and heartbreaking lows. The track definitely dials it down a bit from their last release ‘Where’s My Brain,’ the four-piece opting for pastel orange keys and sombre-like guitars as they merge the worlds of psychedelia with folk and indie-rock.

The galaxy of instrumentation really do well to let singer Harvey’s vocals shine, with hooks like ‘Nobody taught me how to be lonely’ injected with their usual tone of gentleness, with the following verses imbued with a distinct sense of mourning that listens like someone who’s come to terms with loss, but it still allowing themselves to feel all of the emotions. It’s a musical wormhole into the past; but it’s not a one way-ticket, rather a return trip that allows you to totally feel everything before transporting you back to the present moment.

Definitely a tune that’ll soothe you on those evening drives where you think back on the shit you’ve encountered in your years, it’s essentially medicinal listening. Check it below.

Chloe Parche – ‘Moneymaker’

Sydney teen Chloe Parche takes aim at the outdated idea (one that needs to seriously die) of men being the breadwinners in the household, crafting a social commentary that demands multiple listens in her debut bop ‘Moneymaker.’ The track sees her totally run free in the realms of bedroom pop and indie, bringing a laid-back waviness as she sings atop steady drums and a simple piano line, heartfelt harmonies injected throughout that are both subtle and overwhelming.

The hook ‘I’m strong and I know what I need’ acts as the emotional heartbeat for the tune, juxtaposing the sarcastic nature of the verses as she simultaneously affirms the power of her voice while taking the piss out of the old men who think that money buys them power. Special shoutout to those runs as well, each one entrancing you into her musical world and leave you hanging off her every word. Get caught up with why we’re so enamoured below.

romæo – ‘Mourning’

Sydney singer-songwriter romæo goes on a journey to the core in ‘Mourning,’ unearthing masses of melancholic fire that are totally primal and pure in delivery. The tune is hazy and mysterious in its orchestration, the moody synths and gentle guitar strums swirling and shifting with silhouette-like drums; listening almost like an auditory collage of surrealism. That’s just the music however, with her vocals adding another layer of complexity with this gentle tone listens both youthful and mature, implicitly communicating that, well, she’s seen a lot of shit, but she hasn’t let it tarnish her.

Singing about mourning a family relationship, or rather, a relationship she desires, the producer-magnate comes to a heartbreaking realisation of circumstance, accepting the fact that the connection she yearns for may just not be attainable with a certain family member. It’s pretty deep, and it’s no doubt a truth we’ve all been confronted with at one point or another. Definitely a tune that’ll prompt some introspection, we back it hard. Check it below.

Words by Amar Gera June 9, 2021
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