Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
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Love our local talent…

We’re halfway through 2021 now, and boy, this year is already a mixed bag. From the U.S. Capitol shitting itself once a week to Kimye breaking up five times over, it’s honestly impossible to get a read on 2021. But what can you do hey? Well, we do have one suggestion: Immerse yourself in the boundless talent of the Aussie music scene. Every week we’re flooded with quality tracks from local artists, itching for the chance to be heard in all of their vast artistry. They’re keeping the scene alive with the raw hunger that’s defined so many greats that have come before, and their best years are still well ahead of them. In that spirit, we’re back with another five tracks by local acts, and they’re all gorgeous gems just perfect to start your week.

Check it below.

Odette – ‘Amends’

Sydney soul-starlet Odette emanates beautiful fierceness and self-reliance on ‘Amends,’ confronting all heartache and trauma to emerge totally empowered and unrelenting. Blessing us with gorgeous vocals that have mad edge, but at the same time are filled with emotion, she lets us in on her inner journey over the past couple of years, and the hardships she’s faced along the way. The musical world she crafts is totally transcendent, swirling in an everlasting celebration of growth and self-realisation as they build to a larger-than-life crescendo. The video is totally sick as well, showing Odette’s spiritual and emotional rebirth as she confronts all of the trauma (in the most magical of landscapes), coming through the other side stronger than ever. Her truth is undeniable, and her soul is immeasurable. Check out ‘Amends’ in all of its lush glory below.

Sycco – ‘Germs’

In case you haven’t guessed it by now, we’re fucking-head-over-heals for Brisbane ray of sunshine Sycco. It seems the nation is as well, and even the biggest of clean-freaks have become obsessed with her most recent track ‘Germs’. The tune sees her continue her gorgeous balance of new-wave pop and indie nostalgia, curating stabby synths with mad harmonic resonance to totally entrance you into her world. Her vocals are totally top notch (of course), criss-crossing and twisting across the various layers with the loveliest of breeze. Singing about seeing an ex becoming a totally different person, she manages to be a voice for the lost souls are left reeling from heartache, but consequently finds strength and growth from the dissolution of young love.

And we gotta give some praise to that badass music video, the Future Classic signee dancing and vibing TF out with trippy coloured backdrops that are mysterious at first, but intoxicating and inviting once you give yourself to its many layers. It give you a proper insight into the fragmentation and duality inherent to the relationship between exes, but in this fun-loving vein that’s sucks you in, leaving you desperate for endless more. But WAIT! Nah just kidding, get your Sycco-infused fix below. 

Budjerah – ‘Missing You’

The second coming of gospel, soul and everything true, R&B gem Budjerah soothes our hearts into lush serenity with his silky debut ‘Missing You’. Beginning with a tenderly-arpeggiated guitar line along with organic instrumentation that would make for the perfect soundtrack to a sunrise, the 18-year-old sets a totally ethereal and earthy tone that instantly puts you at ease. He sings about isolation, but the vocals are so infused with connection that the tune as whole just reeks of undying unity. They’re the type of lyrical blessings that may come naturally to some, but are usually cultivated through years of work, thousands upon thousands of hours dedicated to the craft in a totally sincere pursuit of truth. It radiates off the Fingal Head artist in waves. You can tell that music is in his blood, and that his artistry is totally sincere.

When will the morning come you ask? Well, the sun rises and nature flutters whenever Budjerah opens his mouth to sing of course! Immerse yourself in his light below.

Go Freek & Flash 89 – ‘Body & Soul’

Get ready to feel that rhythm rock your world, as Aussie EDM trailblazers Go Freek and Flash 89 are thumping on all cylinders in ‘Body & Soul’. Already carving out their own unique paths as solo acts across the EDM ionosphere, of course a collaboration between the pair would be nothing short of fantastic, and they’re taking us all the way into tomorrow with the new track. It’s a tune that’s born for the club, the two sonic curators crafting high octane baselines and staccato drums to immediately get the heart racing. The soulful vocals really drive it home too, the type that are just perfect for crowds to scream at the top of their lungs (whenever crowds come back). Its a track that’s universal in its appeal, but singular in its delivery. Definitely check it out.

Banquet Darling – ‘One Roll Experience’

Brisbane’s Banquet Darling curate the full circus experience in ‘One Roll Experience,’ meshing indie-rock and theatrical nirvana to blast you into the new year. Spending the majority of the 2010s galavanting around the world as a circus acrobat, musician, director, nightlife provocateur and overall explosion of creative energy, you can tell the countless hours honing his art have paid off. His vocals defy categorisation, alternating between tenor sweetness and religious chanting as he soars into everlasting glory. The instrumentation is just as complex, folding and unfurling in this orchestral arrangement that’s totally bombastic and exuberant.

Picture an indie-rocker that accidentally walked into a Phantom Of The Opera show, and somehow became the lead member of the cast. You’ve never heard an act like this before, and we’re certain you never will again. Check him out below

Words by Amar Gera January 18, 2021
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