Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
Hitting that replay.
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Hip hop lovers will be more than satisfied…

We’re not gonna waste any time this week. It’s a weird as hell time, but we’re stacked with local tracks until kingdom come. You know the drill. Five fire tracks by local artists coming right up. Check it below.

iiiConic – ‘Okay’

Brisbane/Meanjin MC iiiConic buzzes all around you with feeling and rhythm in ‘Okay,’ the hip hop lightening bolt taking no prisoners and giving zero fucks on the tantalising release.

The track follows the young OG as he embarks on his quest to inner healing and self realisation, an emotive guitar loop aiding him in his journey as it reflects the emotion magnetism he throws at it. His vocals cross all parts of the sonic sphere as well, ranging from tempered and measured to totally ballistic; especially on the hook as he proclaims ‘I’ll be okay’ as he mirrors the the fire of youth and the desire to conquer one’s demons.

It’s the sort of track that’ll have you stank facing into the night, all the while feeling like all that anger and fire inside of you has a chance of being eased, of being healed.

Charlie Collins – ‘Just My Luck’

Sydney/Eora based singer-songwriter Charlie Collins hurtles toward self realisation and fulfilment in her latest thumper ‘Just My Luck,’ her exploration of relational disenchantment helping to bring the sparkle back into your soul and spring back into your step.

The track accompanies the ‘Fuck It’ singer as she digs deep on the notion of jumping into the deep end in a relationship, confessional lyrics like ‘I was ready to fall, you weren’t ready to jump/Really thought it was you but it’s just my luck/How do I lose when I’m already lost’ painting the self fulfilling prophecy that results from unrequited love. Her vocals are tinged with total vulnerability as well, her mix of chest and head voice showcasing her need to care and be cared for all the while putting herself first.

Ready for a breakup anthem that’ll actually start to make you a little happier, instead of plunging you further into sadness? Charlie more than has you sorted with ‘Just My Luck.’

Romæo – ‘Fall’

Sydney/Eora rising star Romæo casts webs of hypnotic sonics in her latest release ‘Fall,’ the singer-songwriter phenom further differentiating herself from her contemporaries as she affirms the strength of her artistic vision.

The producer magnate continues on her quest to challenge the pop soundscape while unearthing philosophical and far-reaching themes, accompanied by crushing 808s as her piercing vocal lines explore the societal assumptions around beauty and morality. The hook really sees her shine, her emanation of vocals like ‘Fall is on the woman’ with the fluttering textural synths and harmonies in the background helping her transcend the constraints of genre and convention.

If you’re looking for some gloriously rebellious social commentary that’ll expand the scope of your listening taste, check out Romaæo’s ‘Fall’ for a dose of invigoration and realisation.

Kwame – ‘H I G H E R’

Sydney/Eora legend in the making Kwame is continuing to venture to fresh and exciting soundscapes in his latest single ‘H I G H E R,’ proving there’s no realm of sphere that his mastery of melody or rhyme can’t flourish in.

The track follows the ‘WOW’ rapper as he utilises lush autotune amongst a field of melancholic piano chords, soul-wrenching guitar solos revving in the background as he paints a sonic canvas flush with heartbreak heaven. It makes for some beautiful moments throughout, the piano rolls and his accentuating the parts of his upper range (1:30 is straight up sublime) and interacting in this ridiculously emotive sonic ballad that listens like a cut off Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Thematically the subject matter is just as charged, the veteran muso soundtracking the intimate nature of love and the excitement of progressing further with one’s partner; of taking the leap into a place where you risk being hurt, but the rewards of fulfilment are just far too good to turn down.

Want to get a head start on everyone else this new music Friday? Get higher and higher with Kwame’s new single of the same name today.

Pluto Jonze – ‘Dot’

Sydney/Eora-based indie-firefly Pluto Jonze is shining with innovation and resonance on ‘Dot,’ the singer-songwriter fusing the convergent realms of indie pop and rock for a banger incapable of being boxed in or labelled.

The track follows Pluto as he engages in some synth pop nirvana, utilising his tenor range to traverse emotive peaks and valleys. His production mastery really shines in tandem with this, stabby synths and psychedelic chords all coming together for a celebration in life in all of its complexity. The hook sees him embrace his infectious falsetto, his uttering of ‘It’s all too real’ piercing through all sound barriers as he takes you on a total journey-and-a-half with a single note. 

It’s a track that’s transcendent and wonderfully ethereal, all while being familiar and close to home. Let Pluto take you to another world while grounding you in the present one with ‘Dot.’

Words by Amar Gera September 10, 2021
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