Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
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One of our most dance-heavy lineups yet…

Well, we bloody made it NSW. Come Monday we can hopefully start to put the absolute cluster fuck of the past three months behind us, and start grooving into hot vacc summer. And we’ve got the perfect batch of Homegrown Fire to get your dance on to this weekend (legally of course) before the return to normalcy.

And so, we won’t waste any time. Five fire tracks by local artists, coming right up! Check it below.

Human Movement & Paul Mac (Sydney/Eora) – ‘Rabbit Hole’

Legend in the making Human Movement continues to invert and warp your psyche into the next dimension in ‘Rabbit Hole,’ his latest collab with Aussie dance legend Paul Mac affirming that no matter what happens, you’ll never be able to box him or his sound in.

The track listens like a surrealist rabbit hole into Neverland, Human Movements signature breakbeat and synth inclinations meshing with Mac’s own textural signatures with ease. It’s definitely on the more meditative end of Mac’s and Human Movement’s discographies, the track taking blissful pauses and breaks such as the one at 1:30 to really enthrall the listener into the world of the ‘Rabbit Hole.’ The mythic percussive elements with the warbling synths and ethereal vocals stay true to the overall emotional palette of the track, all of which are magnified by the driving piano line at 2:30. It’s an entity that goes through plenty of twists and turns, but when those driving kicks return at 3:00, you know you’re right where you’re meant to be.

Look, we’re all fiending for a good rave to stank out too. And although such events may be a little ways off, Human Movement and Paul Mac are taking you on a journey within that’s just as impactful with ‘Rabbit Hole’. 

 Yuto. ft. Priya Francis (Melbourne/Naarm) – ‘2DAY’

Sibling production duo Yuto serve up another tropical groove in ‘2DAY,’ keeping up their string of dance-heavy bops whilst delving further into their unique corner of the EDM expanse.

The new offering follows Yuto. as they once again link Naarm singer-songwriter Priya Francis, upping the ante from their last collab in ‘Slow’ for a floor to the floor groove that would work just as well on a dance floor as it would on a rooftop bar. Staying true to form, the tune features the signature sonic toolkit the duo have been putting to work over their recent releases, summer-tinged kicks and frenetic synths crafting a vivid sonic backing for Francis’ soulful vocals as she sings about seizing the day despite the confines of external inflluences; a sentiment no doubt everyone can get around right now. 

It’s definitely on the more restrained side of the duo’s discography, but it still has all the commonalities and secret sauce that the Yuto. sound is bubbling with. Seize the day this Friday with ‘2DAY.’

Annie Bass (Sydney/Eora) – ‘Crazy’

Annie Bass is smoky, elegant and utterly entrancing in her latest single ‘Crazy,’ the Eora-based songwriter finding a satisfying midway between the EDM, pop and indie spheres. 

The track balances the tones of sensitivity and euphoria through the meshing of lyric and sonics, Bass’ delicate vocals perched upon vivid synths as she communicates her reckoning with baggage in an intimate relationship. Breakbeat, trap, pop and soul; she manages to fit them all and more in the track, but they mesh together surprisingly well. And it all comes to a head around 3:30, the various textures linking together to envelope you, before they all disappear with a lone piano line to round the track off.

It’s genre bending, meshing and evolving at its finest. If you ever want to gently get in your feelings about a past love with some stanky sonics going crazy in the background, ‘Crazy’ is probably your best chance at achieving such a duality.

Srisha (Sydney/Eora)  – ‘Without You’

Srisha pays tribute to her ancestral roots with her latest offering ‘Without You,’ the Tamil singer-songwriter putting a meditative spin on the R&B genre that’s both soothing and riveting. 

The silky slow burn sees her put her ethereal vocals to task atop a gentle drums and tangy guitars, maximising the minimalism of the culture-infused sonics as she lets lyrics about acceptance and alternate futures take centre stage. Her vocal agility is on full display throughout the track as well, her constant alternating from chest to head voice throughout the hooks and verses not missing a single beat. The track listens like an almost meditative glimpse into a world of ‘what could’ve been,’ the but instead of regret it’s tempered with acceptance and acknowledgement. 

It’s a tender tune that’ll definitely give you a little wake up as to where you’re at,  where you’re going and where you’re meant to be. 


Sahxl (Sydney/Eora) – ‘My Mind’

Western Sydney rising star Sahxl puts his melodic prowess to use in his latest single ‘My Mind,’ the young 18-year-old living up to the praise heaped upon him from national and international tastemakers alike. 

The R&B number sees the rapper/singer-songwriete immerse himself in the more melodic side of his sound, utilising his tenor sensibilities with numerous ad libs to feel his way into the track. He treats us to plenty of vocal acrobatics and tricks to add to the waviness of the cut as he sings about the battle between infatuation and letting go of a past lover. The surrounding sonics surround him pristinely as well, synths and drums swirling around him with this rich spontaneity; almost as if the vocal and beat were created simultaneously. 

To put it in perspective, The Kid LAROI himself has co-signed the young talent, you can’t really get higher praise than that in the melodic hip hop space. Take a journey into ‘My Mind’ to get in the know.  

Words by Amar Gera October 8, 2021
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