Homegrown Fire: Five Local Artists We’re Bumping On Repeat
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Got goods from all over the country this week…

Well, those sun rays are beginning to beat down and those picnics are as breezy as ever! But it’s definitely been a rough week with those earthquakes though, and you best believe we’re sending our best to anyone in Melbourne or the east coast who’s been affected as a result.

It’s a strange time, and so we won’t waste any more time mincing words. Five fire tracks by local artists, coming right up. Check it below.

Chelsea Warner (Sydney/Eora) – ‘Not In The Mood’

Explosion of soul Chelsea Warner keeps dropping blessings in her latest single ‘Not In The Mood,’ the multi-instrumentalist butterfly continuing to give a masterclass in the art of the groove; all while affirming the importance taking your craft and inner peace into your own hands.

The jazzy-cut gives us a front row seat to the starlet’s many strengths, her lyrical, vocal and producer talents shining bright as she sings about the importance of enjoying one’s company. She also links up with Melbourne/Naarm queen Vetta Borne, the two talents pooling their respective sounds into a cauldron of moody sonics and thrills. Consequently, the ensuing verses are soft and sultry, bathed in a minimal light that sets the stage for the delicious contrast with the hook; swathes of horns and harmonies whizzing through the air as a meteor shower of swank envelopes you to the point of no return.

It’s a groove that affirms the importance of self love and enjoying your own company; all while putting you on notice as to the pure talent that is Chelsea Warner. Liven up your soul and get in the mood to her new jam ASAP.

ZYAD, TAWANDA, Finbar (Sydney/Eora) – ‘All on the Line’

Lyrical gunshot ZYAD throws the fuck down and then some in his new single ‘All on the Line,’ the ‘Alone’ rapper reminding us of his dedication to the game; of his living and breathing the culture.

Beginning with a meditative synth line and minimal drums, Finbar sets the perfect mood for ZYAD to drop fire from the jump, his measured flow seeing him go all the way in about his intentions in the game, and his inability to give a piece of himself to anyone else. It’s especially shown on the hook as he sings “I know how this happens every time, you’ll end up on the forefront of my mind, I got to prioritise my time.” Fellow Eora rapper TAWANDA comes through with a crazily hard verse as well, putting pedal to the fucking metal as he showcases a rhythmic and lyrical dexterity that’s totally overwhelming as he similarly rhymes about his hopes to find a better life and the hardships that ensure with such a desire.

The Sydney/Eora trio go together perfectly on the track, giving a totally raw and honest portrayal about a life in the arts, no rose coloured glasses adorned as you’re reminded just how much our local artists live and breathe music; that no matter what they’ll do, it’ll always be their calling.

Taleena (Gold Coast/Yugambeh) – ‘Drip’

Queen of the decks Taleena oozes floor-to-the-floor elixir on ‘Drip,’ the latest Club Sweat signee lighting up the stratosphere with larger than life soul and spirit.

The heater follows the deck-slinger into the underground caverns of house, the ‘Boots N Cats’ writer doing justice to the clubs and warehouse parties we miss so dearly. It all works as this multi-dimensional entity, one that commands you to “watch this” through hypnotic vocals and addictive kicks and hats. As to what else “this” is that she’s referring to, well, we’re guessing its the stank face-inducing aura the textures she crafts emanates; the type that motivates you to party into the night and following morning. Such a time could be had at Day For It this October long weekend, which Taleena is throwing down at.

In the mood for a bit of a festival (or rave) from home? Whip out the UE boom, a couple of yoghurt pouches (that definitely don’t have yoghurt in them) and the closest thing you have to a strobe, and let rip to ‘Drip.’

Maya Hirasedo (Melbourne/Naarm) – ‘Sinking’

Sorceress of the divine Maya Hirasedo pulls you into the gorgeous depths in ‘Sinking,’ her second single of 2021 simmering with lush R&B nectar so sweet that once you get a taste of it, you won’t ever be able to go back.

The silky-bop follows the ‘Eraser’ singer as she floats amongst airy synths and harmonies, her resonant tone bouncing across various pitches and modalities with ease. The verses see her mesh her various influences with her R&B inclinations; her utterances peppered with hip hop seasoning on lines like “Can’t keep these thoughts to myself/Don’t want nobody else” as she totally loses herself to the flow of the track. The hook “I’m sinking in your love” is totally transcendent as well, the melismas on “love” easing whatever pains you may be feeling, reminding you of the beauty of falling head over heels.

It’s equal parts wavy and resolute; a tangible elixir that mesmerises, excites and calms. Let your self fall head over heels twice over (and once for good luck) with the silky new offering.

PEEL (Sydney/Eora) – ‘Silver Spring’

Inter-dimensional psych-rockers PEEL are hurtling you toward the fiery gates of hell in their new single ‘Silver Spring,’ the latest release from their debut EP buzzing around you with golden rowdiness and vigour.

The track sees five-piece brave themselves against the darkness, overdrive guitar lines and warped vocals affirming the importance of staying optimistic, of keeping hope in your lowest moments. Naturally, the verses and hooks features plenty of distortion, insanity and rev-heavy goodness, listening like a haze of sonics as they capture that beautiful euphoria inherent to those off-chops pub gigs. Special shoutout to that kaleidoscopic visualiser as well, bursting with energy, colour and life as the Sydney upstart put us on notice as to their exponential momentum in the local music scene.

Liking what you’re hearing? There’s plenty more on the way. Pre-save their new EP here, and let them sweep you away with into Neverland with ‘Silver Springs.’

Words by Amar Gera September 24, 2021
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