Interview: Allday Chats Isolation, New Music And His Live At 5ive Performance
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Tune in to Boost Mobile’s IGTV tomorrow at 5PM for an exclusive Allday performance.

How’s life in isolation going for you? Are you missing the excitement of live music? Are you missing the sweet, sweet taste of fresh air? Well, we have something that can hopefully help you out with that (except for the fresh air part, maybe crack a window?). And that is a performance by our favourite rap-singer, the one and only Allday.

That’s right, we’ll be going live at 5PM this Thursday to share a once-in-an-isolation performance from the man who brought you Startup Cult, Speeding and most recently, Starry Night over the Phone. All you have to do is head over to Boost Mobile’s IGTV and tune in, to catch the performance will also feature Allday answering questions submitted by fellow fans.

Ahead of the performance, we thought we’d have a chat and see how he’s coping with life in isolation and what he’s been doing to #StayConnected. Turns out, pretty much all the same stuff as us. Peep the interview below and head here for the Live At 5ive FB event:

Can you sum up your life in iso in three words?

Writing + taking naps

Have you gained any extra skills since you’ve been in lockdown?

Like everyone else my girlfriend and I have baked some bread. I’ve been on Ableton a lot too, hopefully I’ll be able to self produce some music soon.

What have you been bingeing? Any recommendations?

The Sopranos. I’d never seen it before which I know is a sin. It makes other television look like pure slop. It’s on another level.

What have you been doing to stay connected with friends/fans/fam?

I tried to call my Nanna but she didn’t answer so I left her a message saying I was a doctor and she has Covid. Luckily she doesn’t know how to check her voicemail.

As a musician, do you take inspo from times like these? Does it fuel you with ideas?

Actually, I find the travel for gigs is exhausting, so creatively it’s easier to be home all the time. I’m trying not to think about big picture “is this the defining disaster of this century?” stuff and just keep busy and be happy.

Have you been whipping up any vegan comfort food since you’ve been in lockdown?

Of course. Tried a few different cookie recipes. Put away a few Hot Cross Buns last week too.

What’s the first thing you’re gonna do when lockdown blows over?

Go to a gig. The already financially fragile ‘creative arts’ community will be in major need of coin. Give them coin if you can.

‘Starry Night over the Phone’ has been out for nearly a year now! Has anything surprised you about people’s reaction to it?

No. I think it was pretty much one mood. 11 or 12 songs of pretty much the same mood. So it did alright for a soppy, very personal album like that.

Is it too early to ask about the next album? Or are we being a bit cheeky?

Because I’m home for lockdown, I’m writing it all at once, then I’ll go record it all at once. Usually I would write songs in dribs and drabs. Maybe this will make my album more cohesive or something. Anyway, it’s coming along fast. Thanks Covid. Aiming for late 2020.

What can we expect to hear/see on your Live At 5 performance?

Allday doing his raps and singing.

April 15, 2020
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