Interview & Premiere: Get To Know Sydney Via New York Rapper Danté Knows + New Single ‘Chills’
A double dose of Danté Knows.
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Words by Declan Whelan // Image by Zach Godbolt // IV video by Will Hunt

Self-aware, ambitious and experimental, ‘Chills’ arrives as the first taste of Dante Knows’ forthcoming debut EP.

It appears an unlikely trio on paper but in producer, Tasker, and Xing Xang Dog – aka Paddy Cornwall of F-POS and Sticky Fingers – Danté Knows is joined on ‘Chills’ by two of his chief collaborators. Each bringing their own flavours to the track, it’s a recipe that works a charm with an umami-esque balance to proceedings. What starts out as a compelling rap performance somehow ends in the hybrid indie-rock realm of the aforementioned Sticky Fingers. Don’t ask us how they do it, they just do it.

It came as no surprise then, to learn that the song was in the works for over a year with deleted verses and a penchant for perfectly polished snares cited as the proverbial speedbumps. Throw a lockdown or two into that mix and it’s easy to understand the extra TLC indulged in bringing the best version of ‘Chills’ to our airwaves. On the track, Danté Knows said: “It is my life’s revelation. My attempt to reconcile my relationship with music in the healthiest form I could feel it to be. Another chapter out of the page in the book narrating the constant war with doubt.” Poetic as ever, ‘Chills’ is a confident clap back at the demons faced on ‘Caution’, also produced by his creative counterpart, Tasker.

There’s a sense of the two songs being complementary contrary forces with an exploration into the dualities of persona, one that feels anxious in one moment and self-assured the next. In the same breath, there’s a balanced contrast to Tasker and Danté Knows relationship that sees the best brought out through malevolent raps alongside uplifting psychedelic rock sensibilities. To condense that sense of journey into such a compelling three-and-a-bit minutes only bodes well for their impending EP, Phase One. Due for release in the not too distant future, keep an ear to the ground for news on that front.

In the meantime, get to know Danté Knows in the clip below, and enjoy his brand new clip for ‘Chills’, premiering on LWA today:

Words by Declan Whelan October 21, 2021
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