Interview: Tyne-James Organ Chats Isolation, Hoovers And His Live At 5ive Set
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Tyne-James Organ is up next for episode four of our Boost Mobile Live At 5ive series.

If you fan out as hard as we do over Tyne-James Organ, you’ll probably have seen a few of the videos he’s been sharing on his Facebook. With just an acoustic guitar and his vocals, he somehow manages to conjure up a whirlwind of emotions like very few can. That’s the reason why we had to get him on board for our Live At 5ive series.

That’s right. This Thursday at 5 pm AEST you can catch Tyne performing an exclusive set on Boost Mobile’s IGTV including a cover (kinda) and a Q&A straight from his living room. Click here to hit the Facebook event and get a reminder and check out our interview with the up and coming crooner below:

Can you sum up your life in iso so far in three words?

This isn’t three words but this sums it up for me. A clean blur in a cloud.

What new skills have you learnt in isolation? Have you learnt anything about yourself?

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking which has been fun, but I think the biggest stand out has been picking up the Gerni. I’m obsessed with hoovering, but since getting into the Gerni my life has levelled up. You should see how clean I got me roof!

What have you been bingeing on? TV or otherwise?

I just finished Game Of Thrones. Fucking incredible. I also downloaded every episode ever of Tom and Jerry which has been a laugh.

What have you been doing to stay connected with friends, fans and fam whilst in isolation?

I’m very close with my fam so I’ve always spoken to them every day but now we FaceTime every day which has been so good. They all live in Wollongong so to see their faces makes me feel a bit closer to them. My sister also got a pup so I’m desperate to go up and meet her. Been calling mates from time to time and trying to talk to fans online and make sure they’re doing okay through these weird times. I think it’s vital we check in on everyone we can.

If The TJO were to endorse any iso-related product what would it be?

Now I’ve always been a loyal Dyson fan, but I’m still waiting for my sponsorship on that so, for now, I’m thinking I keep my options open there, so if any vacuum companies wanna do something you know where I am. Between Hoovers and Gernis tho I dunno which one I’d endorse more.

Have the last few weeks inspired any new music?

To be honest, I’ve not found this period very inspiring, but it has been a time I’ve found myself reflecting a lot. So new music’s been flowing but I’m not making anything with the word corona or Covid-19 in it. Just more sad songs from me haha.

What’s the first thing you’re gonna do when the lockdown ends?

Move in to my local pub.

What can we expect from your Live At 5ive performance?

I’m gonna have some fun. Play some stuff you’ll know and some stuff you’ll be hearing v soon. Might chuck a cheeky cover in. They’re always a bit of fun!

May 5, 2020
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