Josh Homme Joins The Mosh Pit At A Distillers Show In LA
Mosh Homme.
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The towering QOTSA frontman clearly couldn’t help getting amongst it as wife Brody Dalle raged on stage.

Being a supportive partner is different in every relationship, though it’s pretty rare that fulfilling your duties as a husband would require you to join in at a sweaty mosh pit while your wife shreds on stage. By the looks of things, Josh Homme had no problems helping get the party started when The Distillers played at the Hollywood Palladium on Saturday night.

Having just released their first new music in 15 years just last week, ‘Man VS Magnet’ and ‘Blood In Gutters,’ we can expect to be hearing a lot more from The Distillers who are currently in the midst of mini West Coast tour. Hell, we might even see a bit more of J-Ho hitting the pit.

Check out the footage above, and ICYMI, watch QOTSA perform a reworked version of ‘The Way You Used To Do’ at a charity event at MONA in Tassie below:

Words by Harry Webber September 18, 2018
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