Juice WRLD Is Being Sued For $20 Million
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Tough situation for Juice’s family…

After a halt in proceedings on three separate occasions, now-disbanded pop group Yellowcard have resumed their $15 million USD ($21 million AUD) lawsuit against deceased rapper Juice WRLD, claiming that his breakout hit ‘Lucid Dreams’ copied the same melody as their 2006 song ‘Holly Wood Died’.

However, proceedings were put on hold way back in December when Juice passed away due to an accidental drug overdose, as no one had been appointed as the executor of his state. Then, when Yellowcard tried to resume the lawsuit in April, COVID-19 happened, and you can guess the rest.

However, the group were successful the third time, filing court documents on July 2. This time however Carmela Wallace, Juices mother, has been appointed as the “personal representative for the Estate.”

“The court has reviewed parties’ joint status report re: probate proceedings which states the probate court has appointed Carmela Wallace as personal representative for the Higgins’ Estate,” the court filing reads, “Consequently, the Estate now can participate in this case.”

Yellowcard are also seeking for past & future royalties as well as damages from Juice WRLD’s tours. Check out both songs below to see whether the two sound alike or not.

July 9, 2020
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