Julia Camille Shares Dreamy Debut Tune ‘Falling In And Out Of Place’
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April 2, 2024

The Eora-based artist has come out of the gates firing.

Prepare yourself to lulled into a state of serene dreaminess with the debut offering from singer-songwriter Julia Camille. Dropped on Good Friday (which she reminded us on socials is also International Mermaid Day), the tune offers a glimpse into her mind, one that is filled with deep contemplative musings.

Backed by a waltzy rhythm, ‘Falling In And Out Of Place’ is centred around Camille’s breathy vocals with all the trimmings of a folky gem. Here, slide guitar, and walking bass and arpeggiated guitar lull you into her dreamy world – it’s clear the artists like Julia Jacklin and Phoebe Bridgers were on her playlist during the writing stages.

Lyrically, Camille is drawn into moments of reflection and introspection, with the track’s most poignant lines hitting especially hard towards the end of the tune as she sings: “I want to be happy here / Feeling the earth with a love that is so sincere / Not swept away by the dreams that take my head / Not playing out all the lives that I could have led / I wanna be here instead.”

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