Kanye West Is Selling His Infamous Wyoming Ranch For $11 Million USD
End of an era.
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Kind’ve glad this phase of Ye is over…

Kanye West, ever the character and headline-maker, is making quick moves in the real estate world, putting his Wyoming Ranch on the real estate market for $11 million USD (around $15 million AUD).

Longtime fans of Ye would know he touted the abode as his next evolution, a place where he’d build communities, infrastructure and his own “Yeezy Campus.” The events of the past year however have seemed to dissuade him from such ambitions, the ‘Believe What I Say’ rapper having recently become divorced from his wife Kim Kardashian as well as undertaking a less-than-successful presidential run.

The property covers 4,500-acres on Monster Lake and comes with eight lodging units, two freshwater lakes, an event centre, meeting facilities, barns and it’s own damn restaurant. It was also the place where Kanye’s 2018 album Ye was birthed into the world, along with his rap beef with Drake which is somehow still raging to this day.


Now, it’s looking like Ye is gonna be returning to the Kardashian’s home state of California to be closer to his kids, having recently bought a $57.3 million USD ($78 million AUD) mansion in Malibu. It might sound like a lot, but it turns out the price was a steal, with the same property being put on the market for $75 million ($102 million AUD) just last year.

Still, you can’t fault the man for wanting to be closer to his family (although there are plenty of other things you can fault him for). Take a look at what your millions could get you with some pics of Yeezy’s Wyoming ranch below.

Words by Amar Gera October 12, 2021
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