Kevin Parker’s Thoughts On ‘WAP’ Will Surprise The Hell Out Of You
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There have been plenty of amazing songs to come out of 2020, the flow of music increased dramatically by lockdowns and increased time for musicians to create. In the middle of all the musical and artistic offerings however, one song rose above them all to absolutely blow a whole in the culture, and of course that’s Cardi B’s ‘WAP’.

It was by far the most controversial and most talked-about single of the year, and has drawn plenty of opinions from musicians of all corners of the field, and now Tame Impala himself AKA Kevin Parker has weighed in, and his thoughts on the song are definitely not what we were expecting.

Speaking on the tune in a feature for Triple J, Parker said “For me, it’s the most memorable song of 2020. I just think it’s a perfect song. It feels great, the lyrics are great, the production fits. It’s so outlandish and brave.”

I mean to get Kevin Parker to sign off on your song is huge, and regardless of what anyone else says about the tune now, it literally doesn’t matter. The psych god himself has praised it, there’s no topping that or taking it away.

Tame isn’t the only one to weigh in on the tune, with legendary rapper Snoop Dogg copping flack about his criticism of it, which he later walked back after getting absolutely roasted. Responding to the haters, Snoop wrote “Stop wit the bullsh*t press I love Cardi b and Meg. Music period point blank and they know that I’m n full support of the female. M. C. Movement so stop trying to make me a hater. U.F.D.H.B. Now carry on Before u get this. L.A. D. That song 6xs platinum talk about that.”

It seems the song will never stop generating controversy. Remind yourself of its greatness and suss why its Kev’s most memorable song of 2020 below.

In other Tame Impala news, they’ve just dropped a new clip for ‘Breathe Deeper’. Check it out:

December 16, 2020
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