Let DMA’S Immerse You In Tender Nostalgia In ‘Appointment’ Visuals
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Classic DMA’S…

Sydney-legends DMA’s are continuing to pull on our heartstrings in the best possible way, dropping some super sweet visuals for their The Glow tune ‘Appointment’. The video sees them go ham with animations and colours, altering various scenes and settings with vivid designs that are imbued with that classic DMA’s ethereality and salt of the earth.

Ranging from tour footage to everyday life and everything in between, the video captures the full scope of the human condition and life on the road, showing the best parts of humanity as we all trudge on through this absolute cluster-fuck called life.

Speaking on the tune and the visual accompaniment, Mason from the band says “I was staying out of the city at a friends house when I wrote ‘Appointment on a very old piano. The lyrics are about an early memory and these visuals 100% capture what’s meaningful about the song… It’s archival, nostalgic and romantic.” Couldn’t have put it better myself.

The new video comes the boys gear up to release their double ‘smoked-pink’ Live At Brixton vinyl, which is out next Friday. They also recently announced a bunch of headline tour dates for later this year, venturing across the country as they bring the full DMA’S experience to a city near you. You can get full info about those shows here.

But for now, check out the full video for ‘Appointment’ below.

DMA’s Headline Tour Dates 

Fri 24 Sep | Thebarton Theatre | Adelaide, SA
Sun 26 Sep | Fremantle Arts Centre | Fremantle, WA
Sat 2 Oct | The Fortitude Music Hall | Brisbane, QLD
Fri 8 Oct | Margaret Court Arena | Melbourne, VIC
Sat 9 Oct | Hordern Pavilion | Sydney, NSW

Words by Amar Gera February 26, 2021
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