Mac DeMarco Gets Festive With Bing Crosby ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ Cover
Eat your heart out Bublè.
Words by Amar Gera December 21, 2021

Even though he’s a totally debaucherous larrikin, Canadian muso Mac DeMarco has a tender side to him, and it tends to come out around Christmas time…

Whether or not he’s a man of Christmas trees, stockings and the like, we can’t be sure. But what we do know is old mate Mac is a fiend for Christmas jingles, and he’s just released his yearly Christmas cover, putting his spin on Bing Crosby’s ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas.’

The new offering isn’t at all psychedelic or of the raw vintage DeMarco burst onto the scene with in the early 2020s, rather, a proper homage to the Crosby classic. As a result, it’s made up of mellow keys, gentle bells, what sounds like a trombone (I’m probably wrong though) and a wavy as hell guitar solo. And of course, DeMarco’s vocals are crisp as can be; hitting a soothing spot that listens just like an auditory embodiment of Christmas Eve.

The video is where we get a burst of some of Mac’s signature weirdness, as we follow someone dressed in a Christmas tree outfit (we assume it’s Mac himself) walking through a suburban town before finding it’s home amongst a bunch of actual Christmas trees. It’s equal parts weird and comforting; a pretty good summary for Mac himself.

Anyway, all we can say is eat your heart out Bublè. Check out the full cover below.

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