Matt Healy Is Revisiting His Life Before The 1975 With Upcoming Music
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Trip down memory lane…

The 1975 is without a doubt one of the most hardworking bands in music, constantly touring, writing or recording as they continue to meet the insatiable demands of their die-hard fans. However, with COVID throwing its signature spanner in the works, they’ve been forced to hold off on the touring part, instead throwing themselves into writing and creating new music. The laser focus ended up resulting in a 22-track album last year titled Notes On A Conditional Form, along with another upcoming project to make up for their cancelled 2021 tour.

Now, vocalist Matty Healy has announced he’s working on yet ANOTHER project, and he’s taking a trip down memory lane with it. Specifically, the ‘Somebody Else’ singer has revealed he is working on an album as Drive Like I Do, which, if you’re an OG fan, you’ll be well aware was the band he was in before The 1975.

Hoping on Instagram after much speculation, Matty clarified his intentions, stating “There’s a lot of people asking me about Drive Like I Do. Drive Like I Do was the band we were before the 1975. It’s as humble as it was. So there’s the old music, there’s a little bit of new music. I’m not going to make a fanfare about it. it’s not coming out today, but it’s coming out pretty soon.

“It’ll be a nice little thing. There’s loads of things going on, coming out. I’m excited.”

Definitely welcome news to fans, who no doubt will kill to see what type of music Matty was making before The 1975. We’ll be waiting intently until that new music arrives. For now, check out ‘Lost Boys’ by Drive Like I Do below.

February 18, 2021
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