Nas Set To Perform His Legendary Album ‘Illmatic’ With A Full Orchestra
A Nas fan's dream.
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After what’s been a busy couple of years for the hip hop legend, he’s set to take us back to 1994 with a revival of his debut album Illmatic

Nas and hip hop fans in general would be understandably losing it at the news, the iconic album holding a deep place in every hip hop fan’s heart’s as well as the culture as a whole. It’s no surprise it’s resonated as hard as it has over the years, the blend of transportive lyrics and hard hitting beats standing the test of time and numerous trends over the years.

The performance is set to take place at Los Angeles’ Walt Disney Concert Hall on May 1st, where he’ll be joined by Los Angeles orchestra the Philharmonic, along with Liz Phair and Father John Misty. It won’t be the first time the Grammy winner has given Illmatic the orchestral treatment however, performing it with the National Symphony Orchestra way back in 2014.

The news also comes shortly after the hip hop OG released a surprise album titled Magic on Chrissy Eve. The project was completely produced by esteemed hip hop producer Hit-Boy, and marks the pair’s third album collab, following King’s Disease and King’s Disease II.

Exciting times no doubt for the hip hop world and Nas fandoms alike. Check out video of Nas giving his classic hit ‘One Love’ the orchestral treatment below and get keen.

Words by Amar Gera January 6, 2022
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