Liam Gallagher Fell Out Of A Helicopter And Treated Himself To A Well-Earned Beer
Pics or it didn't happen.
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The singer seems to have been prescribed a dose of hilarious Tweets following the accident…

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has had quite the weekend. After completing his headline set at Isle of Wight Festival in the UK, the English singer sustained some pretty gruesome injuries during a helicopter mishap some distance from the Seaclose Park venue. 

In what might be the most perilous of post-show rituals, Gallagher allegedly fell 30 kilometres (or so he joked) from the helicopter, and later documented his battle scars online while reassuring fans that he’s recovering well. 

You’d think that falling out of a helicopter might take a little bit of the wind out of your sails, but Gallagher’s post-accident Tweetstorm suggests that he’s in good spirits (and probably on good meds). Licking his wounds with a well-earned beer and wisecracking that his bandaged face will serve as an upcoming album cover, it’s safe to assume that the Oasis alum is enjoying what he calls some “RnR.” 

Get a glimpse of Gallagher’s Isle of Wight set in his performance of Wall of Glass below.

Words by Tom Disalvo September 20, 2021
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