On Hold With… Hallie
Presented by Boost Mobile.
Words by Amar Gera October 28, 2021

Image & video by Thomas Crews / Edit by Jordan Coles // 

Back again with some quick-fire goodness…

Two episodes into the series return of ‘On Hold’ and we don’t intend on slowing down any time soon. And so, we’re back with another episode with Boost Mobile today, with Brissy indie-pop singer Hallie next up to sit in the hot seat. 

Responsible for bringing us bops like ‘Sydney Hates me,’ ‘Lip Balm’ and her most recent single ‘Babysitter’ (out today), the singer-songwriter is in no short supply of wit or laughs. And she brings both in the latest episode of ‘On Hold,’ hitting us with some solid answers about her first phone, Kath & Kim and of course, mullets. We get into the real nitty-gritty for the latest episode, and Hallie more than steps up to the plate.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the latest episode of ‘On Hold’ above and be sure to keep up with Hallie on Instagram to stay up to date on all of her latest project. You can check out her new single ‘Babysitter’ below.


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