Peking Duk Get Euphoric On Hazy New Single ‘Chemicals’
Perfect for a crowd singalong.
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Boys are on…

Canberra duo Peking Duk (made up of Adam Hyde and Ruben Styles) are cooking up a potion-like storm to cap off the week, today unleashing their latest single ‘Chemicals’ upon the masses. Written on a rainy day in Melbourne (AKA most days in Melbourne) with singer-songwriter Sarah Aarons, the two producers get heavy on euphoria and emotion, and it burns with the fluorescence of a bloody super moon on the new offering.

The track sees the duo slow things down a bit from their usual high speed heaters, steady drums and momentous synths clashing and meshing, setting a hazy purple stage for Aaron’s piercing vocals. The hook of the tune however sees them totally go to town on the quintessential Peking Duk sound, the instrumental layers going into overdrive as they create an auditory embodiment of literal chemicals.

Speaking on the new track, the duo explain “’Chemicals’ was born from a gloomy Melbourne’s day with the incredibly talented Sarah Aarons. I feel like every time we get in the room together the chemistry feels right and there doesn’t feel to be any pressure to create something it more so just flows out.

“We ironed out the ideas together that day then took the beat away with our boy Styalz and completely flipped it to what you hear now.”

Definitely a track that’ll be bouncing around your head long after you’re done listening to it, Get a taste below.

Words by Amar Gera June 11, 2021
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