Phil Fresh Dances Through The Sydney CBD In Retro ‘comethru’ Visuals
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Words by Amar Gera November 24, 2023

Image via Irene Andrews //

Travelling like this to all my gigs from now on…

Just two years following the widespread acclaim of his debut EP L.A.T.E. in 2021, rapper/singer Phil Fresh has today returned with his funkadelic new single, ‘comethru’.

A laid back cut that doesn’t take itself too seriously, the new cut sees Phil putting his signature buttery vocals to use as he sings about a flame that’s trying to, you guessed it, come through. The surrounding layers playfully bounce between hip hop and R&B, with tangy synths and wavy drums helping Phil to make his way through genres (and busy Sydney streets) with ease.

Speaking of which, old mate braves Sydney traffic during peak time with plenty of bravado, dancing his way through cars and sidewalks as he performs ‘comethru’ out in its entirety. The Lo-Fi nature of the visuals (shot by Elijah) help ground you in the easygoing world of ‘comethru’, one that doesn’t overcomplicate or get bogged down in the details.

Speaking on the new single and how it came to life, Phil Fresh explains, “‘comethru’ came about during a time where I found myself overcomplicating the writing process. After I dropped my debut EP “L.A.T.E” I put a lot of pressure on myself to top it, but in doing that I worked myself into a small box. I was focussing too much on writing something that I wanted to be deep and layered but once I realised that, I knew that wasn’t the way to go.

“I deleted whatever session I was working on, made a new one, chopped up a sample, and hummed gibberish into the mic and fit whatever words I could make out and in a few minutes that’s how ‘comethru’ was born.”

The Inner West one-stop shop is seemingly incapable of crafting a groove you can’t get down to, and luckily for you, it’s out in its entirety. Check it out above and be sure to buy/stream it here.

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