Photo Diary: Sahxl Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of His ‘MY MIND’ Video
BIG vibe.
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Hot off being tapped by The Kid LAROI and dropping bops ‘C4’ and ‘PICK YOURSELF UP,’ Western Sydney’s Sahxl has released his most striking offering yet…

The new effort comes in the form of his new single ‘MY MIND’ along with the accompanying music video, which sees the Western Sydney muso dig deep on mental health, lost loves and all that goes along with being a love-obsessed teen.

And he doesn’t fall short in the visual department, the rising star linking up with UI Visuals, ASHI and Navs Revenge for a hard-hitting clip that makes fresh use of moody lighting, cinematic cuts and shots; all of which not holding back in terms of intensity or vigour. It plays like a proper film for the 3:40 minute runtime, and gives you a sneak peak of what’s on the way for the young muso.

And so, we got a little behind the scenes breakdown of the ‘MY MIND’ video courtesy of Sahxl himself and some sneaky BTS shots. Check it below.

This was taken as we were setting up the bathtub scene on set with UiVisuals.

This shoot was taken as we were setting up for the performance shots. The 506 family had everything in check to make this scene look crazy.

UiVisuals and I reviewing the takes after the first scene of the day

This is like embracing one’s dark side and the ability to be nonchalant and carefree about it

A representation of my vulnerability under the spotlight.

This was the climax of the video. It showed that despite despair and heartbreak, the couple was still able to come together.

It was a reflection of the sadness and isolation I experienced in my mind

A creative shot to represent the pain both parties experience in this tragic love story.

Words by Amar Gera November 24, 2021
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