Premiere: BAAM BAM Grab Rock ‘N’ Roll By The Horns With Debut Single ‘SCHWEETUMS’
Guaranteed to hit in all the right places.
November 25, 2022

Images by Wanagi Zable-Andrews //

After making a name for themselves on Newcastle’s live scene, BAAM BAM are poised to drop their debut track…

Explosive Newcastle two-piece (and new kids on the block), BAAM BAM are gearing up to drop their debut single, ‘SCHWEETUMS’ – and ahead of its release, they’ve given us exclusive access.

With hints of The Black Keys, the hard-hitting rock ‘n’ roll number contains everything that’s already made BAAM BAM favourites on the live scene, from those scorching guitar riffs to thundersome drums, complete with astute lyrical observations about the complexities of relationships and human behaviour.

After carving out a name for themselves on the live circuit, BAAM BAM (made up of Dan Flegg on guitar and vocals and Stu Moppett on drums) decided to lay down some tracks with the help of Byron Bay producer Jordan Power and Newcastle recording engineer Sean Cook of Novotone Studios, with mastering done by Studio 301’s Andrew Edgson. Hence, ‘SCHWEETUMS’ was born, along with three other tracks due for release in the coming year.

Reflecting on the recording process, Flegg described how the band wanted the recordings to capture the band exactly as they play live – a considerable feat considering they only had three instruments to work with. Nevertheless, it was one they were able to achieve with triumph, the no-fuss (or fucks) approach perfectly encapsulating the ethos of the band.

Like many of their songs, ‘SCHWEETUMS’ offers up an incisive take on the world around. Speaking on the track, the band described: “People have an inclination to point out problems with other people’s relationships and the world, but more often than not they don’t look at their own relationships. They’re very willing to judge others before judging themselves. ‘SCHWEETUMS’ is a reflection on this double standard.”

With lots more on the horizon, it seems we’ll be seeing plenty of BAAM BAM in the near future. In the meantime, ‘SCHWEETUMS’ is out tomorrow on all platforms, grab your copy here.


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