Premiere: Chris Lanzon Reaches Lofty Heights With Soulful Single ‘Everest’
High times.
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Chris Lanzon hypnotises yet again…

Having dropped his debut EP Melancholy back in May, and already racked up over 400K Spotify streams, it seems that Sydney singer-songwriter Chris Lanzon has well and truly shed his one-to-watch tag and ascended into a must-listen category. His latest single ‘Everest’ is powerful and intoxicating, not to mention mature beyond his 20 years of age.

Musically, the tune fits the ‘Everest’ metaphor nicely; drawing us in with his softly-spoken voice and acoustic guitar, before opening up into an outro that features huge drums, and soaring keys. We are introduced to the track on a gentle incline before it rises up into a steep peak from which there is no turning back – we’re hooked.

Lyrically the track centres around self-doubt and overcoming the challenges life hurls at us which is particularly poignant given the type of year we’ve all had. “I think this is the most honest and vulnerable song I’ve made so far, yet it sounds really upbeat and invigorating. I love the contrast of those feelings. It’s really about feeling stuck and misunderstood, but I wanted to explore that in a comforting and warm tone” Chris says of the track.

Head here to follow Chris on Instagram and stay up to date with what’s going on with him musically. We’re predicting some big things, so you might as well get in on the ground floor now, right?

Words by Harry Webber September 16, 2020
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