Premiere: Ellen Mara Drops The Silkiest Of Blessings In Elegant Debut ‘Come Into Love’
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Take her hand into the moonlight…

Do you ever wonder if you were born in the wrong period? Have you ever watched those magnificent performances from the R&B and jazz greats from way back when, and thought to yourself ‘Why couldn’t I have been born then? Why couldn’t I have been in that crowd?’ Well, if you’re one of those yearning souls, prepare to be introduced to your new obsession. Let yourself indulge in forbidden fruits and witness a delicious mixture of heart, soul and fire beyond belief. Sydney’s Ellen Mara is bursting with timeless silky blessings, and she’s wrapping them all the way around you in her slinky debut single ‘Come Into Love’.

Bathing in everything from lush basslines to mesmerising horns and keys, the Sydney songstress soars and dives effortlessly, utilising her crazy range to take your hand through all the highs and lows of young love. From her vibrato in that badass lower range to her mad whistle tones in the upper, the soul-extraordinaire proves there’s no note safe from her spell, throwing it back to icons like Etta, Erykah, Aretha and so many more as she embodies the poise and spirit inherent to the pioneers who came before.

Lyrically, tune sees her cut through all the noise and distractions associated with love and courtship, stripping it all the way back to its bare basics to remind you that love is love, and that as long as you’re willing to embrace it, there’s a world of pure joy just waiting to be experienced. Naturally, the celebration that follows the bop’s realisation of this is bloody fantastic, building to a killer crescendo around 2:46 that’s flooded with larger-than-life vocals, seductive harmonies and golden instrumental peaks that make you feel like you’re in a swanky 1960s club, watching the jazz greats make history up close and personal.

Opening up on the meaning behind the groove, Ellen gets deep on her inspiration, explaining “‘Come In To Love’ breaks down the common idea that love has to be a push and pull relationship. The lyrics tell a story of a journey in which two lovers move from the confines of the ‘chase’ and discover a new love that grows naturally without pressure. You feel the release when the two lovers finally give in to love and allow themselves to let go, which then ends in a celebration.”

She breathes honesty, oozing wonderful hushes of comforting tone and resonance that engulf you in a cathartic, totally authentic embrace. The very definition of an enchanting tune, we recommend you definitely take Ellen’s invitation to come into love, and while you’re at it, take her hand into the moonlight. You can take the first step toward that magic-filled dance by keeping up with her on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all of her latest projects.

Words by Amar Gera February 10, 2021
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