Premiere: Introducing Alex Hosking And Her Brilliant Debut Single ‘Monsters’
Seriously good!
Words by Declan Whelan August 28, 2019

A singer-songwriter with serious musical pedigree, Alex Hosking has spent the last couple of years churning out hits with a host of international artists. With ‘Monsters’ she’s finally opted to hold onto one of her own. 

Hailing from South Australia but now living between LA, Australia and Europe, Alex Hosking has written somewhere in the region of 400 songs over the last two years. Her music lands somewhere between electronic, indie, pop and urban stylings and has seen her work with a range of diverse artists and producers from across the globe. Notably, she’s been writing with The Preatures on their forthcoming album and has a pair of European dance chart number ones with Lucas & Steve and MOGUAI & Zonderling.  

What started out as a poem before evolving into an indie-pop song recorded in a bedroom studio in Santa Monica, California, ‘Monsters’ is about the inner thoughts and fears we’re all guilty of letting run wild from time to time. It’s an ultra relatable concept that Hosking approaches with lighthearted wit, delivering charming and captivating vocals while canvassing hip hop snares and other sonic domains in production. If ‘Monsters’ is anything to go by, and with her debut artist project in the works, Alex Hosking is certainly one to watch. Give her brand new track a listen below:

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