Sam Alfred Continues His Winning Streak With Captivating New Heater, ‘Suzuka’
It's here!
Words by Amar Gera March 2, 2023

The 22-year-old has been teasing the sought-after ID in his sets throughout the past couple of months…

It seems there’s no stopping Melbourne/Naarm-based artist on the rise, Sam Alfred, the in-demand DJ and producer already off to a flying start for 2023. Hot off the release of his debut Boiler Room appearance at Sydney’s Hordern Pavillion, along with a stack of appearances at festivals like Beyond The Valley and Let Them Eat Cake, it’s clear he’s a man of the moment, and today he’s keeping the momentum pushing with the release of his latest single, ‘Suzuka’. 

A heater teased throughout his various sets over the past year, most notably at his Boiler Room debut back in December, it’s more than fair to say it’s a groove the internet has been craving. It’s not hard to see why, with the title track of his upcoming EP (out on April 14th) a euphoric dance number that manages to incite high bursts of energy while appealing to the tender and more emotive parts of the dance spectrum. Comprised of vibrant synths with steady drums and a gradual build, it’s one of Alfred’s most stripped back creations so far. Yet, it’s easily one of his most captivating and is demonstrative of the fact that whether it be four to the four rave-ready club bangers or slow and steady bops, he can do it all.

It culminates in one of the most invigorating drops of 2023 so far (in my personal opinion), with nearly a minute’s worth of build-up paying off with a satisfying crescendo that absolutely goes off live (26:45 below to save you time). Just going off the crowd reaction showcased below, it’s a song that instantly resonates with the listener, and now, it’s finally out in its entirety. 

Sam Alfred’s new single ‘Suzuka’ is out now. Be sure to check it out below and buy/stream it here

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