Steve Lacy Proves He’s The Stylish Man Alive In Moody ‘Helmet’ Visuals
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Words by Amar Gera July 25, 2023

But where are all the helmets?

Steve Lacy is continuing his meteoric ascent to being one of the most adored artists in the world, today releasing his new music video for ‘Helmet’.

A real dark horse on Lacy’s latest LP, Gemini Rights, the new single is a guitar-driven ballad that grapples with the end of a relationship (who on Earth would break up with Steve Lacy!?), with lines like  “I tried to play pretend / Try not to see the end / But I couldn’t see you the way you saw me / Now I can feel the waste on me,” showcasing his deflation at a failed love.

The music video, which just came out this morning, adds a totally new layer to the sonics. It’s ironic, because Steve is without virtually any layers in the clip as he’s shown to be reminiscing on his former flame while walking around his room shirtless. Of course, he treats us to some quick shots of him in some stylish fits, all of which help affirm that he is in fact the spiritual successor to Prince in the fashion realm (the music side is still up for debate). Regardless, Lacy’s emotionally adrift pacing gets the message across that he’s still feeling the effects of heartbreak, and call me crazy, but we’re guessing that there are plenty of people out there more than happy to help him recover from such a loss.

It’s another stellar offering from the burgeoning superstar. Check it out in full below.

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