Teenage Dads Pen A Best Mate Anthem On New Single ‘Tale Of A Man’
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Words by Amar Gera November 29, 2023

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Anyone else craving a mimosa right now?

Fresh from their 2023 ARIA win and recent nationwide tour, teenage dads are taking things back to basics with their heartfelt and breezy new track titled ‘Tale of a Man’. Departing from their heavier and more pedal to the metal sound, ‘Tale of a Man’ is a refreshing change of pace for the four-piece, and showcases that whether it’s a mosh pit ragr or a mimosa anthem, they can do it all.

The track kicks off with a simple guitar line that’s filled with airy major chords, with vocalist Jordan singing in a tenor tone atop the soundscape. The combination of the two results in him colliding against catchy riffs and lively guitars as he delves into the highs and lows of friendship (well, mostly the highs). The four-piece also treats us to plenty of whistles and pop-infused ornamenting throughout the three minute runtime, craving a laid-back indie ballad with high replay value and emotional resonance.

The hook sees them embracing a deeper and contemplative aspect of their songwriting, however with introspective lyrics such as “What’s next for the year/ go to Paris for the year/ hold on to nothing, we’re turning into something,” adding an extra layer of emotional depth to their musings.


Speaking about the inspiration behind the new single, frontman Jordan explains, “‘Tale of a Man’ is about your favourite friend and the loving and adventurous relationship that you share, and the challenges you face due to periods of separation. In spite of this you remain invested in your future together, as you lie in wait for what lies ahead for you both.”

It’s a refreshing new bop from the Mornington Peninsula four-piece. Check out ‘Tale Of A Man’ above and be sure to buy/stream it here.

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