TNSW, The Rions, Nice Biscuit & More Line Up For Bangers On The Green
Plus heaps more.
May 24, 2023

Right image by David Mahon //

The boutique fezzy is living up to its name…

No, we’re not suggesting Bangers On The Green is a day for you to eat sausage and smoke weed (we’re not saying you can’t either). We’re saying that this festival looks like the ideal way to spend a day and night, with the lineup boasting top-tier local acts cherry picked from our favourite guitar-slingin genres.

Leading the charge are punk lords These New South Whales, who’ll be joined by kaleidoscopic psych outfit Nice Biscuit, Northern Beaches indie rockers The Rions, vintage garage queen Gimmy, Floodlights, Blake Scott, and more. Our mates from Childe and Young Henrys are also on board with the event which is always a good sign.

Peep the full lineup below and head here for tickets – be warned, first release sold out reeaal quick:

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