Tori Levett Is Here To Get The Party Started With New Banger ‘Crazy’
Mind the drop.
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The Sydney artist is bringing the fire on your Friday.

With her tune ‘Something Bad’ already racking up over 50,000 Spotify streams, fans of DJ/vocalist Tori Levett have been itching to hear some new music from the dancefloor commander. Finally we have ‘Crazy’, three and a half minutes of pure energy with a drop that will have you dancing in your seat.

The tune was born in a writing session with vocalist Kota Banks. “I was showing Kota some rough beats I was working on, it was one of those lucky moments where in less than an hour we had the framework and vibe for the whole song.” Tori says of the infectiously addictive number that will be spinning inside your head all weekend.

The track has got us wondering just what is around the corner for the talent. Any chance we can get a record sometime soon?!

Words by Harry Webber November 16, 2018
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