Track-By-Track: The Jungle Giants Take Us Through Their New Album, ‘Quiet Ferocity’
Out today!
July 7, 2017

Happy release day!

Brisbane band The Jungle Giants have just dropped their third album Quiet Ferocity, an infectious slab of danceable indie tunes filled with wailing hooks, grandiose moments of pop and one instrumental. Entirely recorded and produced by the band themselves, the album marks their most adventurous sonic journey yet, and builds off the endless hype of singles On Your Way Down’ and ‘Feel The Way I Do’ which have received an absolute flogging on Triple J.

To celebrate the album, frontman Sam Hales has given us a track-by-track breakdown of the album, explaining the inspirations and stories behind each of Quiet Ferocity‘s 10 tracks. Throughout August and September, The Jungle Giants will be playing headline shows all across Australia, with some impressive supports acts in Lastlings and Heaps Good Friends.

Listen to Quiet Ferocity below alongside Sam’s commentary, and scroll down for all The Jungle Giants’ tour dates:

‘On Your Way Down’

On Your Way Down is one of the main sonic identifiers for me on the record. It has a simple arrangement, though melodically it’s very intense. I love how it makes you want to dance, but also clench your fists.

‘Feel The Way I Do’

I’ll never forget the day I wrote this song. I always test out a song by dancing to it and when this song appeared to me out of nowhere it made me dance so hard. I saved it 19 times in different folders on my computer because I was scared I was going to lose it.

‘Bad Dream’

‘Bad Dream’ was the last song written for the record. We were having a party at my house. I hadn’t show anyone the song and then I played it over the speakers and everyone was like, ‘That should be on the record!’ And then it was.

‘Used To Be In Love’

When we first recorded this song it wasn’t even a dance song. The song was being super stubborn and I told it, ‘If you don’t want to get on the bus and go to the beach with everyone else then you can stay at home.’ But then we put a 4 x 4 dance pattern in the song and it became something else entirely.

‘Quiet Ferocity’

I wanted huge ass repetitive bass lines that were really aesthetically pleasing. I love how this song has barely any lyrics, and how at the end it takes a complete right turn to dance town.

‘Time and Time Again’

Cesira is a guitar nerd. I realised I was writing three lead guitar lines into the song at once, and then I thought, ‘Why not!’ It’s going to be fun to play live.

‘Waiting For a Sign’

I’m really proud of this song. It formulated like a pop song but it feels like a slow burner. It’s hectic but still retains its chill. It’s got a lot of lyrics and that’s something I don’t often do.


Blinded is our Madonna moment. In the studio we were playing with the production elements trying to improve it and then we said, ‘Fuck it. Lets go Madonna.’ When I showed it to Mum she said it sound like ABBA and I was like, ‘Yes, this is what’s happening.’

‘In The Garage’

I really like how people include instrumentals in their records and I wanted to do that too. It’s great being in a different mindset. You don’t have to follow the normal rules you use to make a song. I’m into this song because it shows off all the sounds that are relevant to the album.

‘People Always Say’

‘People Always Say’ is the deepest dance-driven song on the record and that’s why we put it last. It felt like a full stop, like we’d built people up to the point where all we could do was say goodbye, until next time.



Friday, 18th Aug | The Triffid, Brisbane – SOLD OUT
Sat, 19th Aug | Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay – TICKETS
Sunday, 20th Aug | The Triffid, Brisbane – TICKETS 
Fri, 25th Aug | Enmore Theatre, Sydney – TICKETS
Sat, 26th Aug | Croxton Hotel, Melbourne (1:00pm Doors, Under 18’s Only) – TICKETS
Sat, 26th Aug | Croxton Hotel, Melbourne – TICKETS
Sun, 27th Aug | Croxton Hotel, Melbourne – TICKETS
Fri, 1st Sept | The Gov, Adelaide – TICKETS
Sat, 2nd Sept | The Capitol, Perth – TICKETS
Fri, 8 Sept | Republic Bar, Hobart – TICKETS
Sat, 9 Sept | The Beery, Central Coast – TICKETS
Fri, 15 Sep | Rec, Auckland – TICKETS

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