‘Oysters in My Pocket’

“Oysters in My Pocket is faking it till you make it. If you get caught the consequences are miles away.”


“The story of a young man with an older woman. When their worlds started colliding It didn’t work out but try to enjoy the memory.”

Bull Breed 

“Bull Breed is the feeling you get when you’ve jumped in a trolley to ride down the hill but it starts turning on its side and you’ll fly out at any moment. Gotta pray those wheels don’t lock up.”

Right Behind 

“Right Behind is a love letter to a sick mum.”

Egg Beater

“Not wanting to settle down and get your shit together while embarrassing the people you love. Just have fun and be an egg beater once in a while. Or all the time who cares!”

Warm Nights 

“After a big night just trying to find comfort in any situation you’ve found yourself in. All trains have stopped going and buses won’t get you home so it’s time to settle in for the night and the warmest place is the top level of the car park.”

Royal Otis’ new EP Bar N’ Grill is out now. You can buy/stream it here.