Video: Behind-The-Scenes Of ‘Summer Sessions’ With Alex Lahey and The Belligerents
With NSW & QLD up next.
February 22, 2018

Last weekend, Summer Bright Lager’s Summer Sessions kicked off with two packed-out shows over in Western Australia.

Spearheaded by Alex Lahey & The Belligerents, the tour is all about free live music in seaside venues, where you can soak up the sunshine with some cool, cool beverages. With four shows to go on the Summer Sessions tour, we’ve compiled this behind-the-scenes video of what went down in WA, featuring some beer-based magic tricks, tacos, headbanging and some beautifully poetic onstage moves from The Belligerents:

Having successfully left their mark on WA, Alex Lahey & The Belligerents will be moving onto Coffs Harbour & Byron Bay next weekend, before heading up north and finishing with two shows in Queensland. See the remaining Summer Sessions gigs below, and head down to your closest one:

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