Video Premiere: Chakra Efendi Takes Us For A Nostalgic Walk Through Suburbia in ‘Grow Up’
Powerful track.
Words by Harry Webber August 2, 2018

Image by Savannah van der Niet //

Chakra Efendi delivers a delightfully wistful look at the ‘burbs for slow-burning, melancholic track ‘Grow Up’

18-year-old Chakra Efendi is clearly intent on showing us he is capable of creating sounds that are well beyond his years. Conjuring up forceful imagery of the journey into adulthood, the Brisbane-based artist has once again shown that he is more than capable of drawing upon and expressing the unique, yet universal sentiment of youth apathy with his latest single, ‘Grow Up.’ 

Verbed out guitars and airy vocals make for suspenseful verses before the tune takes flight for a soaring, shoegazey outro that fittingly closes out the five minute track. Lyrically, the tune centres around the follies and regrets of juvenescence that we can all understand. “[‘Grow Up’] is a warning to a younger version of myself, isn’t hindsight a killer?” Chakra says.

For the video, which was directed, shot and edited by Savannah van der Niet, Chakra’s younger siblings are incorporated, further adding to the disaffected innocence of the track. “Savannah follows my 13-year-old brother (Jarva), band (Fin, Marli, Tom), and I throughout different places that hold fond memories of my youth, from Fortitude Valley’s Chinatown, and share house backyards, to rundown children’s playgrounds, and drinking on Brisbane rooftop carparks whilst watching the sunset.” Chakra says.

Check out some shots from Chakra Efendi’s ‘Grow Up’ video taken by Thomas Hobbs below, and catch him performing alongside Bored Shorts at The Lady Hampshire this Saturday (info here).


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