Video Premiere: ‘Cosmic June’ Sees The Hints Erupt In Spacey Psychedelic Glory
Mind blown.
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Talk about a powerful debut…

There must be something in the water south of Sydney at the moment. Or perhaps some drops of acid in the tea… Whatever the reason is, there’s an abundance of tasty tunes being produced from our pals down the Princes Highway including today’s premiere from psych-rock family band The Hints. Strap yourself in, this one’s a doozy.

The track begins life as a Bowie-esque ballad, with frontman Harry O’Brien (who you may know from Pacific Avenue) delivering a spacey serenade that documents his interactions with a godlike being called Cosmic June. The track then evolves into a wailing jam with duelling guitars, guttural vocal harmonies, and O’Brien howling like a man possessed, firmly planting the line “I don’t want to leave you now” in our minds for the next god knows how long.

It’s an overwhelmingly strong introduction from the group which also features Brooke Carter on Drums, Blake Laricella on guitar, Sam Allen on guitar and vocals and Wade Miller-Duncan on bass. ‘Cosmic June’ is one of nine songs the band recorded – predominantly live – at The Grove Studios last year, so we have a feeling this is the first step of many on what will be a tripped-out psych journey.

The accompanying visuals, shot by Tas Wilson, build on the otherworldy feels of the track, with a blend of Super 8 and digital footage that loosely tells a visual story of isolation and emotional dissonance. Get amongst it below and head here to follow The Hints on Instagram and make sure you don’t sleep on the next chapter from down south:

Words by Harry Webber December 18, 2020
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