Video Premiere: Delta Riggs Frontman Drac Hammond Steps Out On His Own On New Track & Clip For ‘New Sensation’
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Taking centre-stage without his fellow bandmates, Drac Hammond proves he’s the ‘New Sensation’ all on his own.

As if being the frontman for Australia’s best-known cosmic rockers The Delta Riggs wasn’t enough, lead singer turned solo upstart Drac Hammond has recently dropped his first ever standalone track. Titled ‘New Sensation,’ Hammond’s solo effort sounds like the grungier, poppier younger brother of his bands’ 2016 joint, ‘Active Galactic;’ with enough psychedelic guitar licks to satisfy long-standing fans while still welcoming new audiences with his signature cheeky grin.

Backed by groovy percussion and Hammmond’s always-intoxicating raspy vocals, ‘New Sensation’ gives ample room for the singer-songwriter to rightfully steal the spotlight.  On the chorus, Hammond screeches with a tongue in cheek reference to his promising solo career; “I’m the new sensation, another fool for validation,” he sings. And with his own production credits and self-performed instrumentation, consider it validated. 

The accompanying clip follows the blue-haired bandit as he nurses a hangover with an impressively-sized blunt and a trip along Sydney’s train lines with his colourful muse. After a pit stop at Kings Cross and a head smack from a particularly angry commuter, Hammond returns home to vibe out on the lounge, head-rocking to his own outro like a true virtuoso.

As for the future of his centre-stage projects, Hammond has been using the lo-fi bedroom recording and cleared schedules of COVID-19 to whip up another twenty original solo tracks, all slated for release over the coming year:

“I have at least the next three releases for this project in the bank, so I’ll keep releasing EP’s every six months until I die… I just really want people to hear where it all starts for me, as far as my  inspirations go, and this is a very obvious body of work that ‘tips the hat’ in a cheeky and  fresh way,” Hammond says. 

Peep Drac Hammond’s debut track and video above, and keep an eye out for his upcoming tracks throughout 2021.

Words by Tom Disalvo June 2, 2021
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