Video Premiere: Enter Fragile Animals’ Backwards World In Gripping ‘Only Until It’s Over’ Clip
Backwards men.
Words by Harry Webber March 26, 2020

The Brisbane shoegazers deliver visuals that match the surrealist tones of their ‘Only Until It’s Over’ masterfully.

Having caressed our earholes a month ago with their latest single, the psych trio have today returned with a shiny and intriguing new video for our viewing pleasure. ‘Only Until It’s Over’ perfectly navigates the happy/sad musical poles, operating in a melancholy middle ground, as the eagerly established groove forms the basis for the group’s dream-gloom melodies. It’s definitely got that Fragile Animals sound we heard on their Light That Fades and Only Shallow // Only More EPs, though interestingly, the writing approach was a little different:

“Normally the music is pretty established before I start bringing in vocal ideas but for this one, I came up with the chorus vocal before we actually had the music for it. I think I’d heard Daniel working on the music of the verse and I just dived in and got a bit carried away,” guitarist/vocalist Victoria Jenkins says. “Lyrically the song is about that something, and you can’t always put your finger on what it is, that keeps you going while everything feels like it’s working against you,” she says.

The clip is a perfect example of how all you need is a cool concept (and the skills to execute it) to make a visually fascinating video that really hooks you in. Directed by by Timothy N. Heinrich, who also produced and edited the video, alongside cinematographer Jordan Kaye, we follow (kinda) a protagonist as he chases down a masked villain. It’s one of those clipss where you have to wait until the very end to see how it all works out…

Check it below and head here to follow Fragile Animals on FB and get the latest on their post-corona shows – they’re 100000% worth getting along to!

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